Bodyassist Deluxe Face/Nose Guard (clear) - Adult - One Size | SKU: 616

Helps protect your face from maxillary, nasal, zygomatic and orbital injuries. Ideal for basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, soccer, volleyball and other sports where facemasks are not required. Performance athletic protection using high impact plastic to help protect injured noses.


  • This nose guard allows the wearer to remain active by helping to protect and support injures noses.
  • The face shield is constructed from high impact plastic for full vision.
  • Crack/shatterproof medical-grade polycarbonate, is contoured to fit comfortably and to be less obtrusive.
  • Occipital harness comfortably secures the face guard and prevents shifting and facilitates a better fit.
  • Adjustable straps provide a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Recommended for football, basketball, wrestling, karate, soccer and any other sports where a full face helmet is not required.


  • Help protect injured noses.


  • One size fit.
  • Gently place nose guard on over the cheek and forehead so it fits comfortably and in position.
  • Carefully stretch the elastic harness over the head to hold the nose guard securely in position.
  • Adjust straps as needed.


  • Wipe with a soft damp cloth.

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