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Inguinal hernia is a rupture to the abdominal wall that causes the intestine to bulge through the opening, under the skin. The pad assist to keep the rupture closed and adds compression to the affected area. It aids recovery, reduces discomfort and maintain your lifestyle with the support you need. Widely used in cases of inguinal, groinal, incisional hernias and femoral Hernia Pain and Discomfort. It is also used for reducible hernias prior and after surgery.


  • Applies just the right amount of gentle, gradual pressure to the affected area, while also providing unilateral hernia support for either left or right side.
  • Extra wide flexible waist strap design.
  • Adjustable groin strap can be worn on the left or right to ensure maximum comfort and the perfect compression and tightness level.
  • To move from left to right, simply rotate the waist band around your waist so the pad is positioned over your left or right side groin hernia. Instant relief!
  • Our pressure pad is better than the rest. It has more padding and therefore creates greater pressure against your hernia.
  • It easily adjusts for the perfect compression target, at the perfect location and at the perfect tightness level desired.
  • Hook closures make for easier fitting and adjustment.
  • Contains no metal parts and can be worn while showering and made of lightweight cotton fabrics that give maximum support with day-long comfort.
  • Comfortable quick-drying waistband.
  • Inconspicuous when worn under clothing.
  • Suitable for most activities
  • Completely washable and hygienic.
  • Suits right or left sided hernias.
  • Adjustable Waist Strap.



  • Most hernias are one-sided, so you will need to set up the pad on the side that you need it for (left or right). This is very easy to do.
  • 1. Wrap the wider strap around your lower hip and close with pressure (A).
  • 2. Slide the band around the waist so the pad is now over the hernia and secure the leg strap as shown (B).
  • The pad is removable, so move it around till you find your sweet spot.
  • 3. Make final adjustments for maximum comfort and you are done! (C).
  • We advise to wear belt over an undergarment if possible. It just tends to be more comfortable that way.
  • Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.
  • If unsure consult a physician.

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